There are many styles for animated storytelling: Traditional, Stop-Motion, Computer-Generated, 2D, 3D, Claymation and more… And we accept them all!

  • 3 minutes or less


Create a non-fiction piece that is both informative and engaging. Your work should strive for creativity, moments of subjectivity, and be able to make a connection with the viewer.

  • 7 minutes or less


Sure comedies make you laugh, but they also tell stories that move the audience and make them want more. There are so many comedic genres to choose from, and we welcome them all. Make us smile, make us cringe, make us laugh… This is your chance to share your comedy.

  • 7 minutes or less


Share your narrative stories. All forms of narrative films accepted. Bring on the characters and conflicts!

  • 7 minutes or less


Scary? Twisted? Out of this world? If you have a horror, science fiction or fantasy story to share, this is the category for you. All forms of Horror, Sci-fi or Fantasy films accepted.

  • 7 minutes or less


Are you enrolled in 6-8th grade? Then this is the category for you. Submit your story in any genre you wish.

  • 5 minutes or less


Find a song and share its story or essence through visual imagery. All forms of music videos are accepted. Music must be original and/or have the rights cleared, so have a sign-off from the artist for use. Download the rights sign-off form here.

  • 5 minutes or less